Learn how Energy heals, feels and lives

To understand Energy healing you first have to experience it.

The absolutely best way you can do this is to understand yourself. Experience every tool you will ever use, know your strengths and limitations. Love them, and then your education can really begin. 

One Health College's journey is to assist adults be better at living, loving and connecting to purpose on this earth. This may be present in your life as a longing to reconnected with joy and happiness in your daily life, it might be connecting to a new career, or even getting an understanding of your goals in life. You don't have to want to become an energy healer, you can just want this change for yourself.

If it is your dream to becoming a fully accredited Energy healer, or if you already are working as a healer but want the skills to connect deeper and generate freedom and more success.


One Health College is here for you, where you are at, and for what YOU want to achieve.

Our goal is to have our Full practitioner level program accredited by late 2021.

If you are interested in gaining access to this level of qualification you have to have completed The REAL living project 6mth course.

Why? Because It is about you. It is where you will be guided and taught to be your full amazing self. You will gain both a supporter and mentor.  The things that are part of your life, like stress, tension, anxiety, imbalance, exhaustion, poor motivation, depression, boredom, the lack of abundance, the old programs, sabotages, past traumas are all your rich learning environment.

If you want to know more, or are unsure if this is for you, I offer two pathways for you to try.

Pathway Option 1 --- One Month REAL living Experience

Pathway Option 2 --- REAL living  - The story

So get in touch and make this year all about you.  

REAL Living Month

Weekly 1:1 support session

Weekly Online Lesson delivered directly to you via Zoom.

Introduction to Quantum healing

Bonus Aura Analysis 

Bonus Chakra Energetic Assessment 

                                                                                              This experience delivers fast track value

                                                                             2021 price now available - Contact us for more info>>


Next Group Starts Thursday 4th Feb 2021 - Limited numbers per group

Use the Send Enquiry Button to express your interest, find out the price and see if you can be a part of the next group.

REAL Living Project

This is a You Project. Its designed to take you away from the stinking thinking, exhaustion, ground hog day, worry, anxiety and stress and into a completely new realm of freedom living,


You will be taught through my signature process, which allows you to expand your knowledge, make REAL choices and live your souls full potential.

 Here you have freedom to thrive, time to relax and abundance of opportunity awaits you.

This is a 6 mth fully supported program

Weekly lessons, activities, 1:1 sessions, additional learning tools, Quantum Healing device and more.... 

This course has an amazing  amount of value delivered to you. Can you imagine how awesome it would feel having that time and energy spent of you ?

Make contact to get more information on the full course package, the price and to see if you qualify for the next intake for 2021 - Starting in March - Strict limits apply to this program to ensure amazing delivery of the course value.


What is REAL living? - REAL living - The Story
 FREE Access for 48hrs

Do you need to hear more? Have more questions and need to understand what REAL living is all about.

Get in touch. Use the send enquiry button and we will give you FREE access to help you understand the REAL experience.

Looking to experience Energetic healing

One Health and Wellness clinic can offer you clinic based services to suit your needs or situation.

See www.OneHealthandWellness.com.au to book your consultation at Either our Hawkesbury or Hills district based clinics in NSW


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