Our Learning environment is relaxed and encompassing. We understand that we all learn differently. Each of us has unique neurology for how we learn best and we seek to accommodate you all.

Do not fear getting back into learning. Ours is a supported collaborative process


Our Mission is to create Energy Healers of the future. With open minds and hearts. Abundant on all levels, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Financially and Physically.

Our Teachers  

Our students are expanding. The knowledge they gain is not just recited ready for an exam and lost  from your mind the day following.

It is fully integrated, utilised and accessible when you need it.

We support you in developing the software package of your mind to support you to be able to think and act in complete alignment.

Our teachers live our mission. They are themselves past students. They are adventurers, seekers and find joy in the process of change and support for others.

I attended the kinesiology at home sessions over a weekend with Meagan. Apart from meeting likeminded  people & having an enjoyable experience, I also learned more about using Kinesiology day-to-day to tune into what works for me. Meagan has taught me to listen to my inner voice & helped me gain insight into myself & the reasons my body & mind respond the way they do. A great experience. 


I have throughly enjoyed the classes I have taken with One Health.
I was astounded by how much I learnt in such a short amount of time.
Meagan is a fantastic educator who is very much in tune with the attendees abilities allowing to skim over or go further into detail depending on our understanding. She is willing to answer and and all questions throughout the session, whilst providing a high quality class. There was great positive energy from Meagan making it an easy and friendly atmosphere to learn.
I am looking forward to more classes becoming available.
Thank you,
Christy Andrews


One Health College


148 Boundary Rd

Glossodia NSW 2756

Tel: 0408 251 073

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